Lily Skirt


This is a truly fabulous skirt for those times when you don’t mind getting all the attention.

The body is cut in a full circle with handkerchief hems, with several more full-circle flounces added to the hem for maximum impact.  All that material creates an incredibly rich drape and swing (try spinning this skirt for a truly breathtaking effect!).

Because of the circular cut, Lily skirts have no bulk at all at the waist and hips despite the gloriously full hemline, which makes your waist look extra-small – especially if you pair them with a corset, or one of our waisted-within-an-inch-of-your-life Victorian Riding Jackets.

The waistline of the Lily is finished with soft elastic, which won’t dig in or get bulky under snug-fitting clothes, especially corsets.

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Choose one fabric for the main body of the skirt.  The hem flounces will be made from two to six coordinating or neutral fabrics (designer’s choice).  If you’d rather choose your flounce materials yourself, please see below for instructions.

Fabric Options

WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


If you don’t see the fabrics you’re looking for here, please check out the vast selection in our Fabric Galleries.  Prices may vary depending on your choices, so contact us directly for a quote after making your selections as directed below.

For the main body of the skirt, you can choose from the following galleries:

  • Suitings (plain weave)
  • Taffetas (any type)
  • Faux Suedes
  • Light Satins
  • Cottons
  • Linens and Linen Blends.

Bear in mind that the Lily skirt is a full-circle design and takes a lot of fabric, so fabrics such as ribbon-embroidered taffetas can get both bulky and costly, which may or may not matter to you.

For the flounces, you can choose from the following galleries (select up to 4):

  • Taffetas (any type)
  • Light Satins
  • Cottons
  • Faux Suedes
  • Brocades

Please keep in mind that suedes and brocades can also get quite costly, as flounces take a LOT of material.


Measure your hips or your waist, whichever is larger.  The fit is fairly forgiving, as the waistline is elastic (intended to compress nicely under a snugger garment on top, like a corset).  Because the hemline is a handkerchief shape, some sections are much longer than others.  If you’re shorter and are concerned that the points may drag on the ground, please make a note of it in your order.

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Suiting, Plain Black, Satin, Black, Hammered Satin, Brown, Taffeta, Plain Silver, Taffeta, Gold Shot Silk, Faux suede, Forest Green, Shimmer Satin, Purple, Satin, Red


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