Maru Skirt


You might say it’s frilly, cute, and fun, but – most importantly – it has pockets!  They aren’t obvious to the eye, but they are large enough for a smart phone or even a water bottle.

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NOTE: Some seams, darts, back yokes, or other fitting-related details which are shown in the photos will change between sizes or body shapes, and may look different or be completely absent in your version (depending on your particular size or shape).  Design details that don’t affect fit, such as collars or pockets, will stay the same between sizes.


Waistbands for Maru skirts are made from matching lycra when available, or from a coordinating neutral colour otherwise.  If you want to choose your own waistband material, just let us know.

Fabric Options

WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


If you don’t see the fabrics you’re looking for here, please check out the vast selection in our Fabric Galleries.  Prices may vary depending on your choices, so contact us directly for a quote.

For Maru skirts, you can choose from the following galleries:

  • Taffeta (any type)
  • Faux Suede
  • Suitings (any type)
  • Light Satins.


The measurements given are actual garment measurements, not your body measurements.  You’ll need to allow extra room depending on how snug a fit you like in your clothes and what you’ll be wearing underneath.

If you’re not sure what size you need (or you want a size that’s outside our normal range), please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

(Size 3XS not yet added to the chart below)

Skirt Size Chart

SizeWaist Circumference (")
XXS33 - 36
X-Small37 - 40
Small41 - 44
Medium45 - 48
Large49 - 52
X-Large53 - 57

Photos & Related Products

Some photos show the Maru Skirt with the Poppy Top (sold separately) and/or a small stuffed kitten (not included).

Additional information


3XS, XXS, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Suiting, Plain Black, Taffeta, Embroidered Black Sequin, Taffeta, Embroidered Teal Sequin, Taffeta, Plain Silver, Taffeta, Gold Shot Silk, Satin, Red, Satin, Leaf-Green Kasha, Hammered Satin, Brown


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