Frequently Asked Questions

This is our main FAQ page.  If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please let us know.


Our corset-related FAQs are now on our Corsets subdomain. You can find it here.


What social media platforms are you on?

At the moment, we’re on Facebook (felixandkitty) and Instagram (“@felixandkittycreative“).  Felix and Kitty also have personal Instagrams (felix.volta and kitty_volta, respectively).  

If there’s something else out there you think we should be on, please let us know.

Where can we find you in person?

We don’t maintain a full-time physical location.  But you can find us at the shows listed in the Events section, or at least yoiu can when there isn’t a pandemic on!

What is your email?

There are so many creepy-crawly spiders out there that are so dedicated to giving us yet more spam that we’re not able to spell it out here.  But you can figure it out easily enough.  Just put “info” in front of our domain name.

Or you can simply contact us.  It will get to us just as quickly.

Care & Feeding

How do I clean my purchase?

The safest method is always hand-washing in cool water with clear detergent.

Put some detergent in cold water in your sink (for smaller items) or bathtub (for larger items) until you get some suds, much like you do when you wash dishes.  Lay the item in the sudsy water and swish up and down until it’s clean enough for you.  If there’s a spot that’s stained, you can gently rub it with a little detergent at this spot.

Drain the dirty water, refill with clean cold water, and rinse with the same gentle swishing motion until the water runs clear.  Keep in mind that all natural fibres may bleed some dye; there is no 100% certain way to prevent this.  Usually, it’s not enough to cause any problems, but to be safe, don’t wash your white cotton shirt with the red silk one, or with the blue wool jacket!

Drip dry the item, or lay on a clean towel (remember about the potential for colour bleeding!) and roll up, then press to absorb excess water.  Dry flat or hang to dry, but be careful not to use very narrow or wire hangers, which can leave their imprint in fabric as it hangs.

We don’t recommend dry cleaning unless you’re absolutely sure of how all the fabrics and trim components will behave.  We never do!  A few items, like face masks, are fine to machine-wash and dry; if they’re made of natural fibres, they will probably need pressing afterwards.

Sizing and Fitting

What’s your size range?

Since our designs are made to measure when you’re ordering through the website, there’s effectively no limit to our size range. Whatever your size, shape, or figure variations, chances are good that we can make whatever you need.

Why do I need to send photos to order some items?

For fitted clothes, Kitty prefers to work with photos as well as your measurements. This is because measurements alone can’t tell the whole story.

How often have you found that nothing is long or short enough for your torso, or that shirts keep falling back off your shoulders, or that nothing ever sits quite right over your bum? These are fitting issues that are due to proportion, not size. Measurements won’t tell the designer how to adjust the pattern so you won’t have these issues! This is one reason why bespoke garments not only look so fabulous on you, but are also super-comfortable.

Why don’t you have standard sizes for your clothing?

We recently decided to eliminate conventional size labels across our website. Now, you need to order most items according to your actual body measurements.

The biggest reason was to make sure that whatever clothes you order would fit you as well as humanly possible. Most of you don’t fall into a single size! Lots of people have had the experience of, say, finding buttons popping at the chest when the rest of the garment fits, or never being able to get anything that’s the right size at both the hips and the waist. Making everything to measure ensures that we can fit your unique shape, no matter what different sizes your body parts fall into.

Also, there actually isn’t any such thing as industry-wide standardized sizing. One brand’s “Small” could easily be another brand’s “XXL,” and there is no reliable way to know which one you are this time. When you’re investing in quality bespoke clothing, you shouldn’t have to take chances.


What shipping methods do you use?

We normally ship via Canada Post’s regular small business expedited parcel service.  If you need us to use some other service for your order, please contact us in advance.

What countries do you ship to?

We will ship anywhere Canada Post is willing to send a package.

Our website isn’t set up to calculate shipping outside of Canada, so, if you are ordering from outside Canada, please contact us first so we can determine what our shipping costs will be.

Design and Custom Work

Can I commission you for a custom piece, and what would it cost?

Kitty makes her own patterns, so if you can supply her with a photo or drawing of what you have in mind, odds are decent that she can recreate it for you.

The cost will vary wildly depending on the complexity of your request, how accurate it needs to be to the source material (if it’s a replica of something), and the materials you choose. If you want to get a reasonably accurate quote, please ensure that you have an image of what you want before you contact us.

Can you make this design for women/men/non-binary people?

Any and all designs can be made to fit anyone of whatever gender or lack thereof. Since everything is made to measure, and with reference to your photos (in the case of more fitted items), it should fit you whatever your shape and measurements, completely regardless of your alignment/s.

In the event that you want something made specifically to emphasize or de-emphasize some of your physical features, please make sure that you contact us. Kitty will evaluate your measurements and photos and talk you through your alternatives.