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The deceptively simple, graceful Luna skirt has a full, flared hem but absolutely no bulk at the hips.  At first glance, it may look like any old plain skirt, but it has hidden depths.  Its deep side pockets blend right in.

Because of the way that it was cut (to make an entire half-circle at the bottom), the Luna skirt deftly skims your hips without ever clinging – yet the hemline has a subtle, rich swirl due to the many yards of material it contains. If you feel like you’ve got anything you want to hide, the Luna has you covered in style.  And every step you take looks like a dance.

Luna skirts have soft elastic waists which won’t dig in or get bulky under snug-fitting clothes, even corsets.

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WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


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For Luna skirts, you can choose from the following galleries:

  • Taffetas (any type)
  • Suitings (plain weaves only)
  • Faux Suedes
  • Light Satins
  • Cottons
  • Woollens


The fit on Luna skirts is quite forgiving, as the waistline is elastic (intended to compress nicely under a snugger garment on top, like a corset).  The standard length is about 38 to 40 inches; the exact length will vary because the half-circle shape puts some parts on the bias grain of the fabric, which will change length as it hangs.  If you’d like your skirt to be made longer or shorter, please make a note of your preferred length during your order.

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Some photos show the Luna Skirt with the Tulip Waistcoat (sold separately).

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