Events in 2023

In 2022, it had been three years since we were last able to attend a convention. Fittingly, we returned to the last one we did – the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (ECEE). Thanks to everyone who came out to see us; it was good to be back!

In 2023, we will be attending the following:

  • Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (CCEE) – April 27 – 30, 2023
  • Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (ECEE) – September 15 – 17, 2023

Buy now, pay later!

We’ve added Sezzle, a buy-now-pay-later multiple payment system, to our shop! That means you can get what you want today, and make four divided payments on your own time. There’s no extra charge or even any interest if you complete the payments on schedule, because Sezzle charges us a percentage to do this, not you!

We’ve revamped our Shop and sizing system

Dividing clothes along gender lines is fast becoming an outdated concept. You should feel free to wear whatever makes you happy, and clothes should be made to fit whatever shape you are.

So now, all our designs will be made for your actual body measurements, whatever your size, shape, gender (or lack thereof), or cup size (if applicable).

Join us on Wearables that Should Exist

Our new Facebook Group, Wearables that Should Exist, is now up and going strong! It’s a place where people come together to exchange their ideas on exactly what it sounds like: clothing, support devices and braces that they wish they could find, garments for modifying bodies in various ways, ways to restore strength and mobility to people with disabilities or manage chronic pain.

This is where Kitty’s been sharing detailed photos and info on all her ongoing projects, as well as recruiting testers for her latest design experiments. If you’ve ever wanted to bring an idea to life, come join us and help make it happen right now.

Kitty joins the 21st century!

As some of you already know, Kitty is joining us in the new millennium and learning how to use social media. Our Instagram account (@felixandkittycreative) will now be getting regular, and we’ll update our Facebook page often as well. She also now has her own Instagram (@kitty_volta), where she will post about non-business-related projects.

Newsletter Launch

We have launched a newsletter. To help kick things off, we’re going to be giving away corsets to some of the first subscribers. Contest details are on our Newsletter page. You can also subscribe here:

Face Masks for the Pandemic

We’re not surprised that the world has come around to the value of wearing face masks. Back in March of 2020, we launched   Masks are being offered for sale for the cost of materials (plus minimum wage for labour). 

Please help support essential workers and help a Canadian business survive the pandemic by spreading the word far and wide.  Tell anyone who might want or need face masks, and ask them all to tell others too!  There are safe use and sanitizing guidelines in the FAQ. Please be aware that mask guidelines were updated in Canada in mid November of 2020.