Fall is here and for the first time we didn’t cross the Rockies for the Taboo shows in Edmonton and Calgary.

Instead, we’ve started work on some new projects. Kitty has a new skirt in the works (more on that here) and Felix is nearly finished reviewing the website backend and security etc. (it’s got to be done every so often) and will be making a few changes in the immediate future before diving into a creative project or two he has in mind.

Regarding ourĀ Corset Clearance Sale for 2019, our inventory is now finally updated. Here is the blog post detailing the current inventory as of November 20th.

Thanks for visiting!

Felix & Kitty

Recent News:

November 28, 2019: We’ll be doing some work on the back-end of our website and email servers in the next week or two. Hopefully there won’t be too many interruptions :).

November 20, 2019: Final update for the 2019 corset sale is now up.

September 26, 2019: Back from SEE and ECEE and that wraps up all our events for 2019. The planning and development of new products and ideas begins now!

September 4, 2019: We’re gearing up to leave for Saskatoon and Edmonton.

Events in 2020:

Calgary Comic & Entertainment ExpoApril 2020Confirmed
AnimethonAugust 2020Planned
Saskatoon Entertainment ExpoSeptember 2020Planned
Edmonton Come & Entertainment ExpoSeptember 18-20, 2020Confirmed