The free corset draw approacheth.

If you’ve already subscribed to our still-nonexistent newsletter, remember that you’re eligible to win a free corset of your choice! We’ll be randomly drawing our winner at the end of February, so if you want to join, this is your last call. If you can’t remember if you signed up or not, you can just sign up again; lightning will not strike you down.

Now that Kitty is back in the land of the (Internet) living, there will actually be the occasional newsletter. At least there will in those times we have anything to report, what with the pandemic bringing shows to a screeching halt and all.

In fact, we do have some exciting new developments in the works for the upcoming year, so stay tuned!

For those of you who read our blog…

As some of you already know, Kitty is joining us in the 21st century and learning how to use social media. Our Instagram account (@felixandkittycreative) will now be getting near-daily posts, and we’ll regularly update our Facebook page. She also now has her own Instagram (@kitty_volta), where she will post about non-business-related projects. While she is learning how to do all this, there will be a bit of a delay in finishing the Great Unicorn Pants Quest series; she’ll get back to it as soon as she emerges from the rabbit hole.

Newsletter Launch

We have launched a newsletter. To help kick things off, we’re going to be giving away corsets to some of the first subscribers. Contest details are on our Newsletter page. You can also subscribe here:

Face Masks for the Pandemic

We’re not surprised that the world has come around to the value of wearing face masks. Back in March, we launched   Masks are being offered for sale for the cost of materials (plus minimum wage for labour). 

Please help support essential workers and help a Canadian business survive the pandemic by spreading the word far and wide.  Tell anyone who might want or need face masks, and ask them all to tell others too!  There are safe use and sanitizing guidelines in the FAQ. Please be aware that mask guidelines were updated in Canada in mid November of 2020.

Events in 2021

While no one can say if conventions will be possible in 2021, if they are, here is our tentative show schedule. Nothing is guaranteed, of course. We will not attend shows again until it’s safe for everyone.

EventDateOur Attendance
Saskatoon Entertainment ExpoApril 16-18, 2021Unlikely
Calgary Comic ExpoJuly 30 – August 02, 2021Confirmed
AnimethonAugust 6 – 8, 2021Confirmed
Edmonton Comic ExpoSeptember 17-19, 2021Planned