Welcome to Felix & Kitty Creative!

We’ve been doing some re-structuring of the website in advance of a number of other updated. Since corsets are only a subset of what we do, we’ve moved everything to do with corsets to a separate subdomain: corsets.felixandkitty.com.

And Kitty’s been explaining why women’s shirts don’t fit.

Recent News:

January 24, 2020: Corsets subdomain is live.

January 6, 2020: Regular operation are resumed after the holidays.

Events in 2020:

Calgary Comic & Entertainment ExpoApril 23-26, 2020Confirmed
AnimethonAugust 7-9 2020Planned
Saskatoon Entertainment ExpoSeptember 2020Planned
Edmonton Come & Entertainment ExpoSeptember 18-20, 2020Confirmed