About Us

Felix & Kitty are real people who want to create exquisite handmade clothing that finds the beauty in every size, shape and body. Our sizing is incredibly inclusive, and we aim to fit all the people the fashion industry often forgets.

Whether you’re a man, woman, neither, or anything in between, if you have J cups (or AA cups) or 60-inch hips (or 20-inch hips), or whatever physical or other challenges you’re living with, we want to help you find something that makes you feel fabulous in your own skin. And if we don’t have something that fits you off the rack, we’re always willing to customize it for you.

Kitty visualizes, designs, and sews every single item you see in our shop. She can usually be found in her studio, either sketching frantically or hunched over one of her half-dozen sewing machines. She is a technophobe in recovery, and is currently on a multi-step program to join the 21st century. She has a brand-new (in 2021) personal Instagram (@kitty_volta) as part of the treatment process.

Felix specializes in keeping the workspace jungle from taking over, balancing the books, taming the beast in the computer, making shoes, building things, and sniffing out things to learn. This website exists because he served time in the software industry and can still speak the language of of technology.

We work out of our studio in the Okanagan Valley, about an hour north of Kelowna, BC, Canada.

We hand-make all of our products ourselves. There’s no overseas sweatshop that makes our clothes! The work we do matters to us.  Every piece we make is a personal creation.  If we don’t think it’s good enough for us, we won’t sell it to you.