NOTICE re. Black Satin Corsets at CCEE 2024

If you bought a black satin corset from Felix & Kitty at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (CCEE) in 2024, please check it to make sure that the fabric is behaving as it should, not randomly fraying or developing holes (like in the photo below).  We seem to have received some defective fabric from a new supplier which is spontaneously breaking down for some unknown reason.

Fortunately, we only made a very few corsets from this fabric so far, and none of our previous black satins have had any problems, so hopefully this won’t affect many people.  This should not apply to any corsets you purchased before April of 2024.

If your corset is behaving like the one in the photo, please contact us and we’ll see about replacing it immediately.

Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience,

Felix & Kitty