We have started a newsletter. To celebrate the launch, we’re going to give away in-stock corsets randomly to some of the first subscribers!

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Corset Giveaway Details

Yes, we are going to give away free corsets. For every 50 new subscribers that join, we will randomly pick someone on the current list to offer them a free corset from our current in-stock inventory.

How It Works

We’ll record the subscribers throughout December and start contacting the winners come the new year.

NOTE: Early subscribers have multiple chances of being selected. Everyone on the list when another 50 are added are entered in the draw. So, for example, if 500 people sign up, someone in the first 50 has 10 separate chances to win.


Winners must still be subscribed when we start contacting winners in the new year. Winners must have a Canadian mailing address. Winners will have to submit their relevant fitting details to Kitty via our usual website form, including preferred style and colours or fabrics they like. We will then determine what we have in stock that would best fit and email you the details. You pick one from that list. We mail it to you.

In-stock corsets only! Yes, that means there might not be a corset in stock that fits you to our usual standards. We reserve the right to limit the giveaway to 20 corsets (1,000 subscribers).

Winners will have 15 days to send us their fitting details once we have contacted them or forfeit their prize.

All corsets given away will have no warranties, exchanges, refunds, etc.. They are free, after all :).

Newsletter Details, Privacy Policy, etc.

We won’t post too often (estimating 10-20 times per year).

We will never distribute your contact information.

We will not spam you. You can unsubscribe at any time for any reason.

Full details of our privacy policy can be found along with our Terms & Conditions.