Why order with measurements (and photos)?

(As opposed to generic sizes like “Small” and “Large”)

We recently decided to eliminate conventional size labels across our website. Now, you need to order most items according to your actual body measurements, preferably with photos.

Why not just use generic sizes?

The biggest reason is to make sure that whatever clothes you order fit you as well as humanly possible. Most of you don’t fall into a single size! Lots of people have had the experience of, say, finding buttons popping at the chest when the rest of the garment fits, or never being able to get anything that’s the right size at both the hips and the waist. Making everything to measure ensures that we can fit your unique shape, no matter what different sizes your body parts fall into.

Also, there actually isn’t any such thing as industry-wide standardized sizing. One brand’s “Small” could easily be another brand’s “XXL,” and there is no reliable way to know which one you are this time. You might fit perfectly into “Medium” in one shop and find that you can’t even squeeze into someone else’s idea of “Medium.” When you’re investing in quality bespoke clothing, you shouldn’t have to take those chances.

Measuring also gives you a huge opportunity to fix fit problems that always plague you when you shop for clothes. Do you find that sleeves are always too tight or too short? The back of coats always bind when you reach forward? The torso is never long enough or always too long? You can note this during the order, and we’ll customize the fit for you as best we can!

Why photos?

Measurements tell us the circumference of your body, but don’t tell us anything about your proportions. For fitted garments, seeing your actual shape can help ensure (for instance) that the waist seam hits you at the right level, that the torso length looks right, and that the hip flare starts at the correct place. If you have major asymmetries, a photo will also let us see them and compensate.