Rochester Frock Coat


Try the Rochester Frock Coat as a light fall or spring coat, a funky party outfit, or as a dramatic topper for your clubwear.

These coats have contrasting cuffs and trim.  The front opening edge is intended to fall straight down from the side of your neck; you can use a belt or baldric to keep it closed if you wish.

The coat sleeve is supposed to be short enough to show an inch or three of shirt ruffle at the wrist, not come all the way down to your wrist bone.  If you’re very tall or long-armed, or you would prefer a longer sleeve, please specify.

Each coat is individually cut and assembled by hand, and every one is a little different.  You can assemble your own from the available fabric and trim options.

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Formerly called the “Pirate Coat”.

Choose one main body fabric and one cuff fabric.  Your Rochester Frock Coat will be made with two kinds of trim for the front edges (designer’s choice).  If you want no trim, please indicate this when placing your order.  If you want a quote for more trims, or to choose your own trims, contact us directly with your selections from the Trims Gallery.

The Rochester Frock Cat looks especially magnificent with leather-look cuffs!  Visit the Faux Leathers gallery to view options.  Incidentally, we do also have a selection of real leathers.  Contact us to upgrade all the way!

The coat will be either partially lined or unlined with bound edges, depending on the weight of the fabric.  If you want a full lining, ask us for a quote.

NOTE: Some seams, darts, back yokes, or other fitting-related details which are shown in the photos will change between sizes or body shapes, and may look different or be completely absent in your version (depending on your particular size or shape).  Design details that don’t affect fit, such as collars or pockets, will stay the same between sizes.

Main Fabric Options

Cuff Fabric Options

WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


If you don’t see the fabrics you’re looking for here, please check out the vast selection in our Fabric Galleries; you can also opt to choose your own trim from the Trims Gallery.  Prices will vary according to your choices, so ask us for a quote once you’ve decided what you want (as directed below).

For the main fabric, you can choose from the following gallery: Suitings (any type).

You can also choose Jacquards, Brocades, Silk Brocades, or Faux Suedes, but we’ll need to customize the fit or colour-block with a stretch material so you can retain mobility.  Please bear in mind that cost can escalate quickly if you opt for any kind of brocade for the body of the coat, as this takes a lot of yardage.

For the cuff fabric, you can choose from the following galleries: Jacquards (any), Lace Overlays, Brocades, Silk Brocades, Faux Suedes, Ducks, Taffetas, and best of all, Faux Leathers!

WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


Rochester Frock Coats should fit fairly loosely; you should be able to conceal a cutlass under it and make a full lunge with your sword.

Measure your chest snugly but not too tightly with the tape measure held level with the ground.

SizeChest Circumference (")

If you’re outside the size range, just contact us, and we’ll make one to fit you.

Photos & Related Products

Some photos show the Rochester Frock Coat with the Poet Shirt and Lace Jabot (sold separately).

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL

Fabric - Main

Suiting, Plain Black, Suiting, Plain Super-Dark Navy, Suiting, Sueded Chestnut, Suiting, Red Flocking, Suiting, Royal Blue Flocking, Suiting, Sueded Olive Green

Fabric - Cuff

Satin, Black Heavyweight, Jacquard, Black Damask, Jacquard, Brown Abstract Floral, Faux suede, Black, Faux suede, Brown, Brocade, Black & Bright Gold Quatrefoil, Brocade, Black & Grey Abstract


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