Lace Jabot


Just tie on a jabot to instantly convert an ordinary dress shirt to a Victorian style, or upgrade your scruffy ruffian look to aristocratic.

Both gentlemen and ladies can add a jabot to an ordinary shirt to add a touch of luxury or create a faux Steampunk effect.

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Please note that no two jabots will ever be exactly alike as they are soft-sculpted individually.  The lace materials will change from time to time, but will always be in the same family as those pictured (close enough you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference without a photo to compare to!).  The dimensions of all jabots are roughly similar to the ones in the photos; if you want one that’s smaller or larger, just contact us directly.


WARNING: Your monitor may not show colours or textures accurately!  If the exact shade is important to you, you can order a fabric swatch for $5, which will be deducted when you order anything.


If you want a lace jabot in other colours or finishes, you can choose one from the Laces Gallery and ask us for a quote (prices will vary depending on your selections).


One size.

Photos & Related Products

Some photos show the Lace Jabot Poet Shirt and/or the Rochester Frock Coat (sold separately).

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