Point-Sleeve Top


These three-quarter sleeve tops have adjustable drawstring neckline lets you show as much or as little cleavage as you’re in the mood for, and a unique sleeve that comes to a point.

You can go low or high or off-the-shoulder, and adjust the width of the shoulder line.

Tops with adjustable necklines are especially good for wearing with corsets, because when you put on a corset, the position of your bustline changes, so it’s important to be able to customize your neckline after the fact to show just enough cleavage.  Control your exposure level with the pull of a ribbon.

These tops are also great for dressing up a pair of jeans for a night out, or wearing with a simple skirt or slacks.




The crushed velours are much lighter-weight than the stretch velvets, so if you get hot easily but want the glamorous effect of something velvety, they may be a better option for you.

  • Knit, Black
  • Velour, Black (photo still to come)
  • Velour, Cream (photo still to come)
  • Velvet, Black
  • Velvet, Red
  • Velvet, Purple
  • Velvet, Teal

The option for black lace sleeves is available for:

  • Knit, Black
  • Velour, Black
  • Velour, Cream
  • Velvet, Black


Point-sleeve tops can be worn anywhere from semi-fitted to very loose and flowing – these aren’t intended to be tight.  Because the fabrics have quite a bit of stretch, and you can alter the shoulder and neckline width with the drawstrings, the fit is quite forgiving.   Measure yourself at the largest part of your torso (whether it’s your bust, waist, or hip) and use the number to select your size:

SizeCircumference (")

If you fall outside our standard size range, please contact us and we’ll make it to fit you.

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Knit, Black, Velour, Black, Velour, Cream, Velvet, Black, Velvet, Red, Velvet, Purple, Velvet, Teal


Regular, Lace