Corset Clearance Sale – Overbust Inventory

ADDENDUM (May 3, 2019): After Calgary Comic Expo, this inventory is quite outdated.

We’ve had a lot of requests about what we have in stock and what corsets are included in our sale after we announced our Corset Clearance Sale.

We thought the best way to answer this was in pictures. What follows are a set of quick & dirty photos to show you our sale inventory of Overbusts (we’ve already posted the Underbust equivalent here) as of April 11th.

This will give you an idea of the colours and fabrics we have on offer. If you don’t know your size, that’s no problem, just fill out our form here and we’ll figure that out for you.

Here we go (and, if you have any questions, let us know):

(*** inventory photos removed Jan 24, 2020 – see above ***)

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