If you want any of the items below, please email me, or use the contact form on this website, and don’t forget to send me your mailing address if I don’t already have it (so we can calculate tax and shipping for your area).

All sale items are Final Sale, and are sold As-Is – no returns or exchanges or trade-ins of any kind, no exceptions! 

Taxes and shipping & handling will be added to all prices.

Peasant Tops

PRICE: $35 with the purchase of a corset, otherwise $65

These tops have adjustable drawstring necklines and short elastic sleeves (not meant to be worn tight).  You can turn them into low-necked, high-necked, V-necked, U-necked, boat-necked, or off-the-shoulder tops by adjusting the ribbon drawstring.

These are great by themselves, but especially wonderful under corsets, because you can adjust your exposure level after the corset has changed the position of your chest!


They aren’t meant to be fitted, but you can choose the degree of roominess you like. 

If you measure the following at the largest part of your torso, choose the following for a fairly fitted top:

  • 34 inches or under, XS
  • 34-40 inches, Small
  • 40-44 inches, Medium
  • 44-52 inches, Large
  • 52 inches and up, XL

If you prefer a looser fit, go up one size.  If you prefer a really billowy fit, go up two sizes.  The XL is super-generously sized, so you will NOT need to go larger than an XL (at least no one ever has yet in 10 years)


I have the following colours in all sizes:

  • Black crinkle cotton
  • Black silky satin
  • Black silky satin with soft lace sleeves (sold out in XL)
  • White cotton in some form (slightly different fabrics between items)
  • Red silky satin (sold out in XL)
  • Teal silky satin
  • Purple silky satin

All other colours pictured are available in many or most sizes, but they’ve been selling very fast, so please inquire.  I haven’t had the time to inventory them in full as I go!

Poppy Tops

PRICE: $72.50 (+ tax and shipping)

Poppy shirts were the last thing I designed and made before the pandemic shut down all conventions.  I love, love, LOVE this shirt.  It isn’t just me, though; I’ve shown this live to exactly three people (what with COVID and all), and *all three* each immediately took both of the colours available in their size.

If you want any of these, please email me with your mailing address (if I don’t already have it).  I have exactly one per size per colour; I never got a chance to make multiples.

The Poppy is probably the design into which I’ve put the most thought and engineering (likely because it’s my latest!).   It might looks like a simple shirt, but every detail is calculated to be just so:

  • Comes in Regular and Full Bust fit — so no more straining buttons over the chest even when the waist fits like a glove!
  • Hips are designed to flare into a subtle peplum, so will fit most people’s shape
  • Armhole princess seams in front to follow the bust and waist curve and never bunch at the underarm area; shoulder princess seams in back to perfectly accommodate the curvature of the shoulder blades and accentuate the inward line of the waist
  • Flattering V-neck buttoned closure with an integrated standing collar that visually lengthens your neck and torso
  • Gently gathered sleeves that accommodate large arms and soften skinny ones, in a 3/4 length that works well for both long and short arms.  Cuffs are meant to hang loosely, not hug the arm.
  • Back lacings so you can adjust the fit of the waist, lower back, and high hips by 4-6 inches
  • Built-in forward shoulder alteration that makes the neck and shoulders stay put and never ride backward (pretty much everyone needs this in the age of computers)

I only have them during the sale in black crinkle cotton and red cotton blend (I think it’s cotton with a little lycra for stretch and comfort).

Please note that the photos show prototypes with gold buttons, but most of the actual items have matching black or dark red buttons.


The measurement given is for the actual shirt itself, not the wearer, and is approximate.  You should choose one that’s at least an inch or two bigger than you are (for breathing and sitting ease). 


You can always go up a size if you prefer loose-fitting shirts.  You can adjust the fit a fair bit with back lacings.  Poppy shirts are also *very* easy to take in to tweak fit, thanks to its many seams!

Cup Sizing

It you need a Full Bust, you likely already know it.  It’s for people whose buttons always strain at the full chest level when the waist fits.  If your bust feels like it’s a significantly larger size compared to the rest of you, go Full Bust — you’ll love the way nothing pulls and the armhole doesn’t bunch. This is not really so much about circumferences as it is about shape, so try not to worry about that.

  • 3XS (waist 26-28 inches): black regular, black full bust, red regular, red full bust
  • XXS (waist 31-32 inches): black regular (SOLD), black full bust, red regular (SOLD), red full bust
  • XS (waist 33-34 inches): black regular, black full bust (SOLD), red regular, red full bust (SOLD)
  • Small (waist 37-38 inches): black regular (SOLD), black full bust (SOLD), red regular, red full bust (SOLD)
  • Medium (waist 41-42 inches): black regular (SOLD), black full bust, black somewhere between full bust and regular (SOLD), red regular (SOLD), red full bust
  • Large (waist 45-47 inches): black regular, black full bust, red regular, red full bust
  • XL (waist 50-52 inches): black regular, black full bust, red regular, red full bust (SOLD)