If you want any of the items below, please email me, or use the contact form on this website, and don’t forget to send me your mailing address if I don’t already have it (so we can calculate tax and shipping for your area).

All sale items are Final Sale, and are sold As-Is – no returns or exchanges or trade-ins of any kind, no exceptions! 

Taxes and shipping & handling will be added to all prices.

Casacade Skirt Prototype

PRICE: $25 (+ the usual taxes etc). 

This was the original prototype I made for our Cascade skirts.  I ended up going with a different construction method, so this one is now an orphan.

It’s made from decent-quality dark brown wool-blend crepe suiting.  The construction isn’t stellar, at least by my personal standards, but it’s probably better-made than most ready-to-wear.  I only have the one. 

The waistband stretches between 28 inches and 40 inches — it *can* go a bit bigger for the purpose of slipping it over the hips or overhead (but I don’t think it should be worn on a 41-inch waist, for instance).  I’m 36 inches at the waist, and I find it pretty comfortable. 

Cupcake Skirts

PRICE: $10 (final clearance) (+ tax/shipping, originally $95)

Cupcake skirts are adorable, whimsical, and can be worn by themselves or layered over Luna skirts to add layers of complexity.

These are the remains of a prototype run, so no two are exactly alike. 

Some have overlays that extend around the back, while some have plain backs with the overlay only in the front.  The exact black pinstripe fabric will differ from item to item.  Since I only have one per size per colour, you can’t choose unless you’re willing to go to a different size (quite doable, as the waistbands are very flexible).

  • XXS (waist stretches between 24-34 inches): Black, one-of-a-kind brown with gold embroidery (pictured, 30-35 inches), red, black pinstripe
  • XS (waist stretches between 28-38 inches): Black (SOLD), brown pinstripe, red (SOLD), black pinstripe
  • Small (waist stretches between 32-42 inches): Black (SOLD), brown pinstripe (SOLD), red (SOLD), black pinstripe
  • Medium (waist stretches between 34-44 inches): Black (SOLD), brown pinstripe, red (SOLD), black pinstripe
  • Large (waist stretches between 36-48 inches): Black (SOLD), brown pinstripe, red (SOLD), black pinstripe
  • XL (waist stretches between 40-52 inches): Black (SOLD), brown pinstripe, red (SOLD), black pinstripe (SOLD)

Dandelion Skirts (only tiny sizes left)

PRICE: $35 (+ tax/shipping, originally $125-145)

Please email me if you want one of these (with your mailing address is I don’t already have it).

The last remaining examples of a prototype design I may or may not keep developing, Dandelion skirts are simple, wearable, and have usefully-sized pockets. 

The pockets are the main feature here, with a curved bound opening and graceful gathers which camouflages any bumpiness that might result from the pocket contents.  The gathers also make the hip fit very forgiving!

I have these in two fabrics, black crinkle cotton and gold silk duppioni.  the black ones have soft black knit waistbands, and the gold ones have brown knit waistbands with a random gold dot pattern.  I pre-washed the silk so you should be able to machine-launder it on delicate!

They’re all prototypes, meaning details can differ between items (such as the pocket binding or the waistband construction, but not so much that you’ll be able to tell if they weren’t side by side.

  • Black Cotton: 3XS (waist stretches between 22 and 32 inches); XS (SOLD 27 -40 inches); XXS (SOLD 25-35 inches)
  • Gold Silk Dupioni: XXS (elastic waist stretches between 23-34 inches), 3XS/Stupidly tiny mannequin size (elastic waist stretches between 20-30 inches)