December 2020 Sale

The holiday season is here to close out this year of unexpected challenges. Since we didn’t get to attend any shows this year, we have a lot more items in stock that normal. So we thought we’d close out the year with a sale!

In-Stock Items Only – 50% Off!

The sale only covers items we already have in stock. All in-stock items are 50% for the month of December.

Don’t Order Online… Sort of!

Who else is saying that this year :)?

Here’s why: we offer too much variety to have ever been able to install an inventory system on our website. Since the website doesn’t know what we have in stock, it doesn’t know whether something should be 50% off or not.

How to Order

  1. Use the website shop to go through and decide what you want
  2. Contact Us with *all* the details – e.g., item, size, fabrics, alternate choices … all of it
  3. We will go through our inventory and email you with what we have that fits your criteria
  4. Your reply with your final choices
  5. We send you a PayPal invoice
  6. We mail you your order as per normal

As you can see, steps 1 and 6 are normal. We just have to do the middle bit of the process a bit differently.

Let us know if you have any questions.