This full-length cloak with a generous lined hood is designed to fall closed in front and hide many sins (coffee stains, unfinished costumes, contraband, kittens, etc).

Because it’s cut with a shaped shoulder seam instead of just cut as a circle or half-circle, this cloak tends to be much better at staying put — and not sliding around or falling back and choking you.  The hood is large enough to hide your entire head, if you happen to be an assassin in need of anonymity, or just want protection from the elements.

The standard-priced version is unlined so you can wear them for LARP or as part of a cosplay and for indoor events (except for the hood, which hangs much better with a lining).  The hood is lined with whatever material Kitty thinks looks best with the main body fabric.  There won’t be any trim on the cloak unless you specifically request some (if you want to see our current trim options, contact us).

If you do want a fully lined version for the extra warmth or luxury, contact us and we’ll talk custom linings – we’ve done silk, wool, and even fur linings!  Then the price will depend on your lining of choice.

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If you want a fabric you don’t see below, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  Not all fabrics have the right drape for a cloak, so we may need to suggest substitutions in some cases.


Seeing as how this is a cloak, one size tends to fit most.  But if you are very tall or very short, or need a particular length for reasons of your own, let us know how long you would like your cloak to be – just measure from the hollow of your throat down to the desired hem length.

If you’re really tiny or really large, send us any circumference measurement (pick chest, waist, hip, whichever makes you happy – this is not a fitted garment, so no need to get too exact) and your height too, just for safety.

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