About Us

Felix & Kitty are real people.  Like cats, we insist on looking stunning whenever we can get away with it.  Unlike cats, we want to make everyone else look stunning too.  Our mission is to make the world a better place, one gorgeous outfit at a time.

Kitty visualizes, designs, and creates wearables that range from elegant to outlandish to deliciously obscene, depending on your requests and your point of view.  If you come to us for clothes, she’ll inflict on you her years of experience as a color and image consultant, personal stylist, artist, photographer, and professional hostess, among a number of other things.  She has been making spectacular things to wear since 2001.  She can break glass with her voice, but is deathly afraid of computers.

Felix specializes in keeping the workspace jungle from taking over, balancing the books, taming the beast in the computer, keeping the taxmen happy, playing with leather, doing all the sewing that is too easy for Kitty, and tying ladies into corsets.  This website exists because he served time in the software industry and can still speak the language of of technology.

We work out of our studio in the Okanagan Valley, about an hour north of Kelowna, BC, Canada.