Welcome to Felix & Kitty Creative!

We’ve been doing some re-structuring of the website in advance of a number of other updated. Since corsets are only a subset of what we do, we’ve moved everything to do with corsets to a separate subdomain: corsets.felixandkitty.com.

We’ve also shifted over all our sale items to sale.felixandkitty.com. We’ll be cleaning up the products on the main site here to remove the redundant sale inventory messages. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon: a system to show you all the fabrics we have for all products!

Also, Kitty’s been explaining why women’s shirts don’t fit.

Recent News:

January 24, 2020: Corsets subdomain is live.

January 6, 2020: Regular operation are resumed after the holidays.

Events in 2020:

Calgary Comic & Entertainment ExpoApril 23-26, 2020Confirmed
AnimethonAugust 7-9 2020Planned
Saskatoon Entertainment ExpoSeptember 2020Planned
Edmonton Come & Entertainment ExpoSeptember 18-20, 2020Confirmed