Summer is here and we’re gearing up for Animethon next month.  See you in Edmonton.

Regarding our Corset Clearance Sale, here is our updated inventory (link).  We decided to add a few other fabrics to the list so there’s more here than what we came home with from Calgary Comic.

Thanks for visiting!

Felix & Kitty

Recent News:

May 3,2019: Back from Calgary Comic Expo and keen to try out some new ideas before Animethon in August.

April 10, 2019: Final instalment of the TARDIS-inspired boot project is up

April 06, 2019: Corset Clearance Sale announced!


Upcoming Events for 2019:

Event Date Attendance
Animethon August 9-11, 2019 Confirmed
Saskatoon Entertainment Expo September 14-15, 2019 Confirmed
Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo September 20-22, 2019 Confirmed